How to Advertise

Let's Make a Deal

My goal is to help fellow Chicagoans  find their way. You see the stuff listed. Is one of those yours? Did I miss your joint?

  • All ads are for a year starting from the first full day is posted. I also want gift certificates to eat at your place. Usually, this means two gift certificates, each equal to a complete meal. I’m not eating alone, you know. 
  • If it happens your restaurant is especially expensive, we can talk. I get it. Same thing if you are especially far from where I live. If it is a hot dog joint, well, hook me up. Full payment ahead of time. 
  • If you want to change the ad at any time, that's cool with me, but there is a 10% switch-out fee regardless how long the ad has left in the year. It needs to be a perfect switch as far as dimensions and related specs go.
  • Disclaimer. I might review your place independently of your ad. I might hate it and I might love it. You never can tell. Whether I do or don't, I reserve completed editorial freedom. Your ad won't be touched.  My review will be elsewhere on the site. I'll link to your ad and acknowledge we did a deal. 

Contact Me

What I Am I Looking For?

  • Text ads. Witty ones if you've got 'em. Gimme a photo of your place, your logo, your best dish. 
  • When the check clears (or PayPal), it'll get posted. 
  • When you contact me, I'll send you a rate card. I'm open to ideas. Like, say, maybe you own a whole chain. Then, see, we might need to talk. I'll make a buck, but I'm not going to gouge you.