About Us

Us means "Me"

Me? I grew up right next to the city. My mom and dad were Southsiders. Real close to Comiskey Park (don't even call it anything else). Being from Chicago, I have opinions. This is food, not math. While in matters of taste, I am always right, I realize other people have their own taste buds. We have the four biggies back home, but not here.

  • Pizzeria Uno
  • Giordano's
  • Gino's East
  • Lou Malnati's

We also had Portillo's, White Castle, the Plush Horse (ice cream in the burbs). What else? Some guy selling dogs from a cart in Grant Park.  Anyway, as I asked around, I learned there are quite a few supposed Chicago-friendly places.

You'll see hot dog joints, pizza parlors, steakhouses, and chains with strong Chicago roots or theme. Or maybe I just think they’ve got a great Italian beef sandwich. 

Ads are another matter. To have an ad listed here, you've got to pony up. I want two things: Your money and some gift certificates. The ads don’t mean I’ve eaten there. It means they paid me money for you to see the ad. 

Ads might not have a direct connection to Chicago but they offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse. KnowwhatImean?